essence pure skin “travel set”

Summer is the time to travel and nothing is quite as annoying as impurities, spots and
blackheads when you’re on vacation. When you’re on the go, there isn’t much room to
carry skin care products around in your luggage. If you don’t want to go without, the
limited essence pure skin “travel set”, which will be available in June 2014, is perfect
for you. The set comes in a sealable bag and contains the anti-spot 4in1 cream wash, the
anti-spot moisturizer as well as the SOS spot killer in a practical travel size. The ideal basis
for healthy, pampered summer skin!

The pure skin care range offers everything you need – cleansing, care and instant action
against impurities – to give you a radiant-looking complexion, especially if you have
problematic skin. The pure skin range offers systematic care for young skin that leads to
a clear complexion in just three steps. Step 1 “clean” cleanses the skin, step 2 “care”
pampers it and step 3 “treat” offers instant action against spots and blackheads to ensure
smooth, even skin. Thanks to highly effective formulas and the dermatologically tested
CLEARDERM COMPLEX containing salicylic acid, zinc PCA and other anti-bacterial
properties, problem zones and impurities no longer stand a chance. Additional ingredients
such as allantoin and bisabolol relax and calm young, stressed problem skin. The products
in the pure skin range have a clarifying, pore-refining effect and help you get rid of
unsightly pimples and blackheads for good. Effortless and easy to use, your complexion
will look wonderfully pampered and radiantly beautiful!

The pure skin “travel set”.


essence pure skin anti-spot 4in1 cream wash
Multifunctional! The essence pure skin anti-spot 4in1 cream wash can be used for daily
cleansing or as a peeling or mask. And it has a quadruple effect against impurities of the
skin: it thoroughly cleanses your skin, removes blackheads, leads to a matt complexion
and refines your pores. In a perfect travel size! Effectiveness dermatologically confirmed.
30 ml.

essence pure skin anti-spot moisturizer
Young, impure skin requires extremely light and non-greasy moisturizing care. This gentle
moisturizer with the highly effective CLEARDERM COMPLEX not only offers skin the ideal
amount of moisture, it battles impurities and reduces new breakouts at the same time.
Optimal day and night care for a fresh complexion. Now in a limited travel set that’s perfect
when you’re on the go. Effectiveness dermatologically confirmed.
30 ml.

essence pure skin SOS spot killer
There it is again – just when you least expect it… a pimple! But now there’s a secret weapon
especially for emergencies: the essence pure skin SOS spot killer! The innovative 2-phase
formula with our CLEARDERM COMPLEX is super fast and effective as it dries out spots
overnight to battle skin impurities. Shake before use, apply on the affected areas after
cleansing in the evening, leave on overnight and simply rinse off again in the morning.
Effectiveness dermatologically confirmed. 7 ml.

My Opinion: 

Again Essence surprised me positively. This kit is great for those who suffer from acne and do not want to let their beauty treatments during the holidays this is undoubtedly an excellent investment! 
I am once again speechless about how much I love this kit.

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