Limited Edition „Le Grand Bleu” by CATRICE

The blue hour. Soft pastels, bright azure, magical turquoise and dark marine shades: this summer’s fashion is focusing on the colour blue. Countless nuances of the cool aqua shade are coming together on the international catwalks with shimmering, sometimes even iridescent fabrics. Inspired by these extravagant couture gowns, the Limited Edition “Le Grand Bleu” by CATRICE was born. In June and July 2014, it offers the most beautiful beauty must-haves for a look with a pure summer feeling. The trendy colour blue paired with warm copper and soft rosé shades offers a collection full of variety, which is not only reflected in the longlasting Eye Shadow Pens, but also in the gorgeous nail polishes. Shimmering and metallic effects are absolutely essential in this edition. The red Lip Cream with a matt finish offers a bright and colourful contrast. Into the Blue – by CATRICE.

Le Grand Bleu by CATRICE – Eye Shadow Pen
Ocean View. The longlasting, pen-shaped eyeshadows have a creamy texture to create metallic effects for breathtaking eye make-up. Easy handling: the Eye Shadow Pen has a practical, retractable mine, which makes it a popular product for your handbag or travel case. You have a choice of shimmering pink mother-of-pearl, soft lavender, fashionable sky blue and warm copper. Available in C01 Black’s Pearl, C02 Underwater Laugh, C03 Mermaiday Mayday and C04 Mermaid It.

Le Grand Bleu by CATRICE – Eyeliner Pen
Mr. Blue Sky. The trend outlook for 2014: expressive eye make-up in metallic cobalt blue. In this case, with a felt tip pen that ensures accurate eyeliner styles. Cool aqua-chic for a hot summer. Available in C01 Entering Atlantis.

Le Grand Bleu by CATRICE – Matt Lip Cream
Mermaid Lips. Shimmering eyelids and matt lips - an extremely appealing contrast. Subtly emphasize your lips with Matt Lip Cream in exciting red. The creamy, intense lip colour highlights the modern mermaid look and prevents your lips from feeling dry. Available in C01 Never leave coral reef.

Le Grand Bleu by CATRICE – Crystal Lip Gloss
Mother-of-Pearl. A sparkling appearance is guaranteed with the Crystal Lip Gloss. The semi-transparent, ultra-light texture offers a brilliant shimmer effect for shiny lips in the popular wet-look. Now available in a limited pink mother-of-pearl C01 Black’s Pearl.

Le Grand Bleu by CATRICE – Liquid Highlighter
Go with Glow. The slightly liquid yet creamy texture creates subtle highlights. Whether you apply it on your face, on the highest point of your cheekbones, directly beneath your brows or on your neckline – thanks to the precision brush tip, you can set accurate highlights and then blend them softly. The premium pen packaging turns the Liquid Highlighter into a visual must-have, too. Available in C01 Black’s Pearl.

Le Grand Bleu by CATRICE – Ultimate Nail Lacquer
Underwater Love. Ultimate colour, ultimate coverage and ultimate shine. The Ultimate Nail Lacquers bring the colour of the sea onto your nails. Five limited shades with various effects in shimmering rosé, fresh mint with glitter pigments, metallic electric blue, elegant marine blue and warm copper. Available in C01 Underwater Laugh, C02 Mermaiday Mayday, C03 Bella Aquarella, C04 Entering Atlantis and C05 Mermaid It.

“Le Grand Bleu” by CATRICE will be available in stores in June and July 2014.

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