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Hello Beauties,

on the last 29. January i was invited by Lush Austria (Innsbruck), to participate in the Event to know the new line of products for Valentine's Day. At this day was the first Lush Event in Innsbruck!


Valentine's Day Line

Prince Charming - Body Shower (YOU CAN BUY HERE)

Lush Says:

May we introduce you to our charming Prince Charming? And now that you both have you know , an exciting adventure , nothing stands in your way !
Slapping Do not let Prince Charming with fresh pomegranate juice and tons of grapefruit oil from the socks . A decoction of soothing marshmallow and fair trade vanilla adds a sweet touch , and Fair Trade organic cocoa butter makes not only you, but also your skin soft knees . Believe us , this is precisely the Prince , to whom you have been waiting.


Roses All The Way - Soap (YOU CAN BUY HERE)

Lush Says:

We paint the roses red , we will paint the roses red
We paint quickly and to the manipulated '
In enchanting red , yes , the roses red paint ,
We paint the roses red .
Not black, not green, not teal,
We paint the roses rooot !
If you are curious follow the white rabbit , then perhaps you will discover these mild , like a rose shaped soap that turns into creamy foam with rose scent in the water . Do not come too late , otherwise you'll miss the best!


Lover Lamp - Bathbomb (YOU CAN BUY HERE)

Lush Says:

Maybe we are a bit too directly , but you should definitely check the gentle embrace of fair trade organic cocoa butter indulge .
You shall melt in the water at a silky smooth lake, which wraps your skin in heavenly moisture .
 In a swirl of orange chocolate you fair trade vanilla and Brazilian orange oil whisper sweet secrets in his ear , brighten your day . Your aufheiternder scent will accompany you for hours on the skin .

Unicorn Horn - Bubble Bomb (YOU CAN BUY HERE)

Lush Says:

You want more magic in your life? The Unicorn Horn conjures mountains of pastel-colored bubbles into the tub , the smell of relaxing lavender and neroli encouraging . A pinch of sugar hearts and a handful Feenglitzer complete the rainbow dream.
Crumble in the incoming water and watch the foam mountains grow. Can sit back and enchant.

Tisty Tosty - Bath Bomb (YOU CAN BUY HERE)

Lush Says:

All our bath bombs contain a touch of magic , but no more than Tisty Tosty. It's a subtle but powerful spell that will ensnare the partner of your dreams. Toss into hot water Tisty Tosty and dream of your treasure . Enchanting rose and lemon will lead him to you. Enter and relax in the tub filled.

The Kiss - Lip scrub (YOU CAN BUY HERE)
Lush Says:
Fancy something sweet? This gentle blend of fine sea salt, sugar and fairly traded cocoa butter provides delicate lips that taste wonderful for sweets . A few drops of bitter almond and mandarin oil round out the delicious flavors. And what are the edible hearts?
Now that we've put into it to you just to make a pleasure. Sweeten you with the peeling even your time or share it with your Valentine's Day Sweetheart.

The Kiss - Lip Gloss (YOU CAN BUY HERE)

Lush Says:

Kisses are so much sweeter when they are immersed in fair trade shea butter from the Community Ojoba woman from Ghana .
This soft , moisturizing butter provides delicate lips , at the same time give melon oil and organic jojoba oil a touch of the exotic . Organic illipe butter and agave syrup round care from an elegant shimmer . Who could resist that?

The Event

We was received with a sweet cocktail with a table of drinkes and Snacks.

They tell us how it works "Unicorn Horn Bubble Bomb"

About the "Roses all the way Soap"

One of the tuns scarf of packaging...

The Packaging

The amazing  Lush Innsbruck team that was at the event...

My selfie with Lush Team

Bloggers at the Event

I wann thank to Lush Austria to invite me to this amazing event. It was really great and I hope see you guys one next time..

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