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Cosmetic brushes in a class and beauty accessories - at the Barbara Hofmann GmbH you will find everything for beauty and care.

For example, an eyeliner for sweeping eyeliner. The applicator for the iridescent eyeshadow, which frames the eyes gently. And the large brush for the touch glitter powder as glamorous finish.

Because for a perfect make-up you need several brushes with which the cosmetics can be applied accurately. Makeup artists and stylists therefore always work with a plethora of brushes, pencils, sponges and puffs when they conjure up their exciting looks on the faces of models and actresses.

We have specialized in the development of absolutely high quality cosmetic brushes.

For over 25 years producing and selling our family-run business brush and accessories top quality. Also on offer: the best sales displays and exceptional packaging.

Get to know the beautiful products of Barbara Hofmann and discover our full range in her online shop.


This series is specifically devoloped for the young "Beauty" generation and for price-concious clients. Basic brushes have an appealing and trendy look, black matt finisched with a fashionable shape. The perfect medium size of the brushes fits in every handbag and assures a fresh daily make-up.

Powder Brush:  Costs 7,95 euros and you can buy HERE

Lashes Round Brush: Costs 4,95 euros  and you can buy HERE

Lip brush: Costs 6,95 euros  and you can buy HERE


This aesthetically outstanding series attracts with its sofftly veined reddish-brown wooden handles combined with silk-coloured clamps and appears unique and extraordinary. With the extremelly soft and tastefully shaded brush hair that consists of synthetic high-tech fibres, skilfully bundled to extremely smooth brushes, this series looks precious and timeless with a very tender haptic touch. No animal hair is used for these brushes. Therefore it is an entirely vegan line that is especially appicable for allergic persons.

Foundation Brush: Costs 7,95 euros  and you can buy HERE

Blush Brush: Costs 7,95 euros  and you can buy HERE

Eyeshadow Brush Diagonally: Costs 5,95 euros  and you can buy HERE


The series, essential cosmetic brushes with discreet elegance and copper brown design, highlighted by one peach coloured Swarovski element on the chocolate brown handles, manufactured with finest, pure synthetic hair for a perfect make-up.
Kabuki: Costs 14,99 euros  and you can buy HERE

Other Tools:

Applicator with Brush: Costs 1,95 euros  and you can buy HERE

Make-Up Sponge: Costs 2,50 euros  and you can buy HERE

Sharpens: Costs 2,50 euros  and you can buy HERE

Face Brush: Costs 3,50 euros  and you can buy HERE

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