Amaranth by Rausch

 Every day hair is exposed to a variety of different influences. Extreme mechanical demands (too hard, sharp combs, brushes or too hot hair-dryers), environmental factors (strong UV rays, air pollution), chemical treatment, chlorine and salt water; all add to the hair’s stress. All these factors contribute to roughening the cuticle layer of the hair. If the ring-like external layer is damaged, then hair will no longer shine because the light is no longer evenly reflected from the roughened surface.

 Strengthens and smooths the damaged hair structure. Gentle restructuring care for more elasticity and shine - also for blond hair. With selected extracts of chamomile flower, amaranth and quillaja bark. You can purchase on Müller shops or HERE

 Gives damaged hair elasticity and shine. Repairs the hair structure and provides suppleness. Pampers with a glamorous scent and a touch of freshness. With amaranth oil, unique extracts of chamomile flower and quinoa. You can purchase on Müller shops or HERE

 Improves the structure of hair tips and protects against split ends, without weighing hair down. Also for use following chemical treatment and to protect hair from sun, seawater and chlorinated water. With valuable amaranth oil and horsetail extract. You can purchase on Müller shops or HERE

Deeply infuses the hair with triple-action formula:
1. strengthens and nourishes 
2. repairs the hair structure 
3. protects against hair breaking and split ends
Penetrates into the hair fibre, seals and smooths. For breathtaking beautiful hair. With a unique active formula of amaranth, argan and abyssinian oil.
You can purchase on Müller shops or HERE

My Opinion:

I think that this line of perfect hair products for damaged hair. My hair is severely damaged due to being painted and to be extremely dry. I used the products and i must say it was love at the first wash. My hair has never been so healthy and hydrated. I advise immense this line of hair care products.

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  1. Tenho que experimentar esta gama de produtos para o cabelo:-)



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