trend edition “beach cruisers by Essence

Just cruisin' – to the beach! In May 2014, essence is welcoming the summer with the
new trend edition “beach cruisers”: quick, pack your bag and head to the beach! In
addition to the bright colors yellow, apricot, red, gold and turquoise, this trend edition
offers waterproof products and plenty of other exciting highlights for the most gorgeous
days of the year. There are cool wet & dry eyeshadows, waterproof liquid eyeliners and a
practical, colorless mascara top coat that turns any mascara waterproof in an instant to
ensure lots of bathing fun! Totally trendy: the sand-effect nail polishes for a true beach
feeling as well as the blush and lipglosses with hip ombré gradient colors. The assortment
is rounded off with a fresh and summery body spray and the super-cute, practical wet
bikini bag so you can safely put your wet bikini in your bag. Enjoy summertime… with

essence beach cruisers – wet & dry eyeshadow
Fun in the sun! These eyeshadows in sunny yellow, intense apricot and
bright turquoise give all sun-goddesses a fresh and radiant eye make-up
look. You can even intensify the color-effect by applying it with a moist
applicator! Available in 01 girls just wanna have SUN!, 02 keep calm and
go to the beach! and 03 life is a beach.

essence beach cruisers – waterproof liquid eyeliner
Do you prefer cruising on the promenade or going to a hip beach party?
With the waterproof liquid eyeliners in bronze or glittering turquoise, you’ll
be the star of the show no matter where you are! And they can even
handle a jump into cool water without streaking. Available in 01 sun, fun
& copper! and 02 keep calm and go to the beach!.

essence beach cruisers – waterproof mascara topcoat
Tip top(per)! Waterproof products are absolute must-haves at the beach.
This mascara topcoat is the ultimate summer companion as it turns any
mascara waterproof without clumping the lashes. Simply apply on top of
your favorite mascara and enjoy a day at the beach before removing it
again with waterproof eye make-up remover. Available in 01 cruisers

essence beach cruisers – lipgloss
Hello holidays! The lipgloss with a fruity fragrance gives your lips a subtle
apricot or red color as well as a sensational shimmer. The texture with a
cool color gradient is sure to put you in the mood for hot temperatures.
Your own personal sunset in a tube. Available in
01 I ♥ summer break, 02 girls just wanna have SUN!.

essence beach cruisers – blush
Sunset blush! The blush with an innovative color gradient ranging from
apricot to red gives your cheeks a fresh look that can be either subtle or
intense as desired. For a complexion like a surfer girl on holiday!
Available in 01 I ♥ summer break.

essence beach cruisers – bronzing powder
Sun kissed! This bronzing powder is a true savior when the sun refuses to
come out. It gives your complexion a subtle tanned-look and mixes with
the golden shimmer embossed on the surface of the bronzer in the shape
of a palm tree. Available in 01 life is a beach.

essence beach cruisers – nail polish
Sand star! These trendy nail polishes give your nails an exciting, glittering
sand effect in red, light apricot, turquoise and gold. For a surprising 3D
style you can touch! Available in 01 I ♥ summer break, 02 girls just wanna
have SUN!, 03 keep calm and go to the beach! and
04 life is a beach.

essence beach cruisers – body spray
Summer spray! Feel like a small boost of freshness? Not a problem with
the fruity body spray! It invigorates your body despite the warm
temperatures so you’re sure to keep a clear head at all times! Available
in 01 take me to paradise. 100ml.

essence beach cruisers – wet bikini bag
Wonder bag! Not sure where to put your wet bikini? This question is now
a thing of the past thanks to the wet bikini bag. Protective lining on the
inside, a trendy and super-summery design on the outside – this is the
ideal transport solution for getting your bikini from the beach to your
home. Available in 01 don't forget your bikini.

My opinion: 

I had the privilege of testing these products and tell you Which are WONDERFUL!

Loved every color, every product. Are of excellent quality and very dear. I have no words to describe so much cuteness!


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